Cori’s 45 for 45 Blood Donation Campaign

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In mid-March, shortly after NY Pause began as a response to coronavirus, a friend’s Facebook post alerted me to the Red Cross’ continued need for blood donations during this pandemic. School buildings had just been closed, my husband was working from home, and we were sheltering in place. I was feeling hopeless and lost, and a blood drive in my town that weekend seemed like the perfect way to help and (literally) give back to my community. I hadn’t given blood since high school, but inspired by my friend’s post and my dad’s years of regular blood donations, I made an appointment.

It’s one of the best things I could have done at the time. (And I’ve already heard that my donation helped someone who needed it.) The process was safe and easy. The staff of the donation drive made sure I and the others donating were healthy and that we followed the rules of social distancing and cleanliness.

My 45th birthday was on May 5, and I’d like to challenge at least 45 of my friends to pledge to donate blood no matter where you live.

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