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I can honestly say, I don’t know why I started giving blood, but I have always known its significance, especially in the black community.  However, in November 2017, the importance became even greater.  My father was suddenly ill and required multiple blood transfusions.  I immediately told the hospital staff to take as much of my blood as they could to provide treatment to my father but of course it wasn’t that simple.  My father was very proud and humbled by my offer.  I told him that although I couldn’t give to him, I would donate at my local American Red Cross, my usual donation place.  My Dad received numerous transfusions, which sustained his life, even if only for several weeks.  Since my father passed away, I have vowed to donate annually in his memory.  Last year, with my mother in tow, we went to the American Red Cross donation center.  I shared with the very special young woman (I think she was a CNA) who took my donation, why we were there.  She went on to explain that I should do a bigger event in my father’s memory, so here I am.

Unfortunately, some people only know the importance of giving blood when they (or a family member) is in eminent need.  When I became a donor, I reminded myself that within 1 day I can replace the blood that I donate, that may make the difference in saving someone’s life.  The stats on African Americans donating blood is very low and there is such a need FOR US TO SAVE US!!!!

Please join the Phillips family and if you fear needles and blood is not for you, just pray for us.  Pray that those in need will always have.  Pray that when you need, you will have.

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