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In Memory of Connor Robert Reynolds
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Connor Robert Reynolds was the youngest of 5 children born December 23, 1994 and raised in Grove City Ohio. Connor had a big smile with a heart to match it. His beautiful blue eyes and copper hair only added to his charm. Connor always lived life to the fullest, often with grandiose ideas and a carefree attitude. He was very generous and would have given anyone his last dollar if they needed it.

Unfortunately, Connor did not always make great decisions nor associate with people who had had his best interest in mind. Connor was the victim of a senseless crime in the early hours of June 27, 2018 when he was intentionally shot as he opened the front door of the house in which he was staying. He was then driven by an acquaintance to Riverside Methodist Hospital where he arrived in critical condition as a level 1 trauma. In an attempt to save Connor’s life he received numerous transfusions of blood products both in the emergency department and during surgery. Ultimately, Connor succumbed to his injuries.

We are coming upon the second anniversary of Connor’s death. Our family is forever fractured by losing him. To honor our son, brother, and uncle that we love and miss dearly, we are encouraging those who are able to donate blood to consider doing so in Connor’s memory. Generous individuals selflessly gave in an effort to save Connor’s life, it is our hope that others would consider doing the same.

Please join Connor’s Crew and help us to give back!

22 Crew Members

Posted on: May 4, 2020

We are only 4 days into our donation campaign and we already have 22 members on Connor’s Crew. This is awesome!

Help us continue to spread the word. Share the Connor’s Crew Gives Back Campaign on your social media page, maybe include a photo and memory of Connor that you have.

There are still 15 appointment times open in Grove City on June 27, which is the 2nd anniversary of Connor’s death. We would love to have you join us there if you are able.

Many have already signed up to give on another date and location in Connor’s Memory. We greatly appreciate you! If you feel comfortable please take a picture of yourself donating and upload to social media with #connorscrewgivesback

Thank you all!

(Connor’s big sis)

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