Cologix 2024

Cologix is proud to support the Data Center Coalition’s #DataCenterSleevesUp2024 campaign!
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As a member of the Data Center Coalition (DCC), Cologix is proud to partner with DCC to support the American Red Cross by participating in the #DataCenterSleevesUp2024 campaign. The campaign begins on April 8, 2024, and extends through May 5, 2024.  

Cologix recognizes the importance of ensuring adequate blood supply in the communities where our teams live and work. We are proud to participate in this campaign, and to provide the Cologix team and partners with an opportunity to roll up our collective sleeves, join with others in the data center industry, and make an important contribution to the health and welfare of the communities we call home.

Please click the red “Pledge to Give Blood” button to record your pledge as well as schedule a donation appointment at the site of your choosing based on your zip code.