CJL Community Blood Drive

Grace Masback '21 about to have blood drawn. Thank you, Grace!
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As we all do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19, blood donors remain critical to the health of our communities. During regular times, the CJL community has always stepped up to help with that persistent need. Often at Princeton Blood Drives the CJL community donates an outsized portion of blood. Amidst the pandemic, fewer donations are being collected but patients still need the blood and so donors are needed more than ever. The Talmud relates that one who saves a life it is as though they saved the entire world. It would be great if the CJL community could collectively answer this call. We have set a goal of this community donating 36 pints of blood to help patients in need! If you are feeling well, please make an appointment. Your donation can help save more than one life.

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