Cheryl Cantaberry

I choose Love and to give my blood and time like Jesus did for us.
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I am alive!!!! And my primary purpose in life is give LOVE and blood as Jesus did for us! The process of healing from domestic abuse is different for everyone. I chose to embrace the fear used against me by helping others raise awareness for domestic victims. How can you do this? EASY ! Donate blood and time to Red Cross. Like any assault blood related injury it can be a scary to deal with so actively getting tested and donating blood is not only helping others but it is a form of self love and care. I love to embrace my fear that my abusers attempted to use against me. I am certified in Blood trauma and seek to learn more about the human body in regards to healing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I love to give back and help in the same manner that those who helped me when I was weak.

I find it horrible that people are so quick to abuse to hurt someone but lack the same self control to heal someone. Love is healing. Love is caring. Love is showing up and giving time and effort to those whom you may never see heal.

Special thanks to all those who are organ donors and donate their blood already! You are a rock star in my book!

Cheryl Cantaberry
Domestic Abuse Survivor