Charvana’s Spook-tober Blood Drive

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There’s far less activities to do this October, but I bet I can still spook you! It’s time to see yourself bleed – and for a good cause too!

If only one more percent of all Americans gave blood, blood shortages would disappear for the foreseeable future. Donating blood takes less than an hour of time, it costs you nothing, COVID measures are respected with extreme care, and you can hardly feel anything with how adept medical professionals are at their jobs.

((FOR ANYONE INELIGIBLE TO GIVE BLOOD: I am amending the giveaway to include all ineligible blood donors that post a receipt in Discord of a monetary donation of at least $5 to the American Red Cross. This way anyone can participate!))


Need motivation? Do it for the free snacks! Do it for the free juice! Do it for the freebies that are given out (at several locations)!

As even more incentive, I am conducting my own give away based on the number of people who donate. For every person who donates, I will add one dollar to a Steam gift card. This could mean the pot could grow enough for a $50 game! Get your friends involved and split the money. Every donation helps!

For you visual learners out there:
1 Donation (Blood or minimum of $5 to a blood bank nearest you) = $1 added to a Steam gift card

To enter the give away, make sure to have your donation counted here, then pop over to my Discord and post a photo of your $5 donation receipt or yourself holding up your ring finger with your freshly wrapped arm on display! (Weird, I know, but proof is proof!) It’s seriously that easy! No faces required! A winner will be chosen by lottery after Halloween night. Keep an eye on Early November streams for an official drawing.




Do you still have questions about donating? Most can be answered at but I am more than happy to answer any questions based on a personal first hand experience on Discord or during my Twitch streams. Let’s talk!

The thing holding most people back is their own fear, and this month is all about being spooked! I challenge you to make an appointment and see how easy and rewarding it can be to give to someone in need.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #ibleedpink

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