Chamberlain University MPHSG’s (virtual) blood drive 2022: Don’t Stop Bleedin’ Now!

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As public health graduate students, we’re studying and working hard every day to make the most of our educational opportunities. Let’s give the American Red Cross a pint up and donate blood during the MPHSG Don’t Stop Bleedin’ Now! virtual blood drive February 26th-March 19, 2022.If you’re unable to give blood, consider donating your time to volunteer at a blood drive or make a financial contribution. Every little bit helps the Red Cross collect 15,000 blood donations, which is just to have enough blood to help patients in 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers across the country. Fewer donations during the pandemic have left blood banks critically low. With this one small act, we can come together to help ensure patients receive life-saving blood.So SleevesUp, MPHers! Don’t Stop Bleedin’ Now so that we can reach our goal of 25 pints of blood, donated by YOU–our MPH student community. We’ve had 5 pledges so far–Will you be next?

Make (and keep) an appointment today at your local American Red Cross donation center.Bonus! Donate blood during the month of February ( through this coming Monday!), and the Red Cross will send you a $10 Amazon gift card!When you donate your blood, time, or dollars, be sure to post on our Chamberlain MPH facebook page. #MPHSGsleevesup22¬† #dontstopbleedinnow¬† #MPHSGgivesbackBe someone’s pint-sized Hero/ine/x this week and make your appointment today. We appreciate you!

~MPHSG Leadership Team