Celebrating Life Through Giving

It feels better to give than to receive!
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In my 4 decades of life, I have learned that the greatest plans and gifts are God’s; so, with that I chose to celebrate my 40th by serving others. I am asking you to join me in giving a gift even more precious than your time, your blood. My goal is small but significant, 40 donations for 40 years!!!!! I have watched many loved ones transition far sooner than I wanted to imagine or believe and I know others who have benefitted greatly from blood donations in the past. While we are still able, let us do what we can for who we can. Please join me in reaching my campaign goal. Of course, I’d love to surpass it, so donate, bring a buddy, share with friends and family, challenge a co-worker to join you and let’s be a gift this year. If you cannot donate blood, perhaps you would consider making a financial donation or spend time volunteering to assist the Red Cross or an organization/child/elder/adult/family in need. I am Living My Best Life, Walking in the Spirit of Giving, Grateful for all the good times Past, Present and Future!

Keep It Moving 😉 KIM

40 on 2/20
The Campaign will run from 2/20-4/20/19

Donation completed

Posted on: February 20, 2019

So to make sure I would be able to donate on 2/20 I have been eating foods rich in iron & I took the day off work. I did not let the nasty weather deter me from my mission & I guess it was meant to be because the blood mobile was 3 minutes from my house today. My donation left them 1 shy of their goal today. So despite my utter displeasure (former fear) of needles I knew it was more important for me to step outside of my comfort zone for those who are in need. Kim

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