Celebrate Mama C

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‘Tis the holiday season. Also my mom’s birthday is around the corner in February. What better way to celebrate then by paying it forward with a blood donation?

When my mom was very sick, her blood counts were frightfully low, and her life was saved countless times by generous blood donors. So this year, I’d like you to join me in making an appointment to donate blood. One donation can save up to three lives, and the need is as great as ever.

If you need another reason to donate, consider it your belated gift to me for my 40th birthday. Okay I know that was back in April but since it was during the pandemic, I’m milking it, okay? If that doesn’t motivate you to set up an appointment, consider it a holiday gift to an anonymous person who really needs you this year.

Who is with me? Let’s honor my awesome mama’s memory by lying down, rolling up a sleeve, and eating the free snacks they give you.

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