Carthage Blood Drive

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Did you know that ONE donation of blood could possibly save up to THREE lives? And every two seconds in the U.S. a patient needs blood? The importance of hospitals having a sufficient supply of blood is critical to saving thousands of lives everyday.

Now that Covid-19 has caused a shortage of blood donations across the country, blood supply is severely low for those who need it most. Without blood donations, those who are going through surgery, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, or traumatic injuries might not receive the blood they need to be able to live. Carthage College’s Pre-Health Club acknowledges this nationwide problem, and encourages all eligible donors to pledge to give blood for those who need it most.

All it takes is one donation to save someone’s life.
Will you sign the pledge?

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #SleevesUpCarthage

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