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There are approximately 33,000 people in the US with hemophilia, 100,000 people in the US with sickle cell disease, and 1.62 billion people globally with anemia. All of these disease require the individual to receive blood transfusions because they cannot produce healthy red blood cells. Healthy blood cells are required to allow oxygen to flow throughout your body and these diseases prevent healthy blood cells from forming. This is why you should donate blood and help these people who need blood. There is a low supply of blood from blood donors and many people are in need of blood so with your help, we can increase the supply and allow more people to obtain the blood types which they need. Many of these people are also not as fortunate as we are and do not have a lot of money. This makes it especially hard for them to obtain the blood type which they need because the supply is already so small and people are spending lots of money to get the blood type they want. These less fortunate people cannot afford to pay these high amounts so they need you to donate your blood or help fund these transfusions so they can stay alive. Caring hands is a non-profit organization that helps out the less fortunate through donations of food and money. Their main goal is to help children in poverty receive a proper education as many children aren’t as fortunate to have access to education. They recently helped people in New York and India through covid relief programs and they also donate food to the homeless. Annually, they hold a lunch seva where the members of the organization make 150 bagged lunches each and donate them to the homeless and needy so they can all have a good meal to eat. I would greatly appreciate it if you could share this post to others and spread awareness about the blood drive and would be grateful for any donations to the American Red Cross as well. Lets try and reach a goal of 50 people to pledge to support this cause and help give blood to the people who truly need it. Thank you!

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