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On July 21st 2017 my husband Dan and I were blessed with healthy boy/girl twins via c-section. At my 2 week post operation check up at my ob/gyn the doctor who did my surgery was meeting with me to make sure everything was good. It was determined through a lot of questioning and an ultrasound that I had a placenta accreta. Typically, the placenta detaches from the uterine wall after childbirth or taken out by the doctor. With placenta accreta, part or all of the placenta remains attached and with the circumstances for me it did not come out. This can cause severe blood loss after delivery. For me it happened 2 weeks after the twins were born before I started hemorrhaging. The surgery to stop the bleeding was supposed to take about 20 minutes, 90 minutes later I was finally in recovery. During surgery they overly prepped for me to have 2 units of blood transfused, I needed 3. I was told before going into surgery I would be able to go home that night, I had to stay. The next day after 24 hours since I have seen my 2 week old babies I was still in the hospital and had to have more blood transfused. I spent over 2 days in the hospital and 7 units of blood transfused, the average women only has 9 units of blood. I started this campaign to raise awareness and give back. I am now a healthy mom of beautiful, funny and thriving 2 year old twins. I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to take the blood I needed to live. It’s also my responsibility to give it back and then some. I need your help, join the campaign, pledge to donate and give blood. Use #candicesblooddrive to show your donation and lets crush this goal!

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