Calm Down and Sleeves Up

1 /25

After my first whole blood donation at American Red Cross (ARC), I was thinking about whether I could donate component blood, like platelets (I am a B+ and small lady so plasma or power red is not an option for me), as it could save a lot of efforts at ARC and be much better to patients. However, it turned me down as the kind staff at ARC couldn’t find an appropriate blood vessel on my other arm for the return of the blood. I couldn’t help but cry in front of them, not because of the pain, but because of the powerless. That was the first time I realized how blessed I am if I had the ability/capability to help others.

ARC is the only national organization for blood service, to provide more than 60% of blood products across the country to patients every year. Such a mission couldn’t be accomplished without generous donors. I started this campaign and need your help! Let’s get our sleeves up to spread the hope of life.