C1 SleevesUp!

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Sleeves Up, C1! Let’s make an impact!

In commemoration of Indigenous People’s Day, C1 is participating in a virtual blood donation campaign.

Lula Owl Gloyne, a dedicated registered nurse who served with the Red Cross during World War I, exemplified a life devoted to tending to the healthcare needs of Indigenous tribes. Her remarkable efforts in 1937 led to the establishment of the very first hospital on the Qualla Boundary in North Carolina for her tribe.

We are eager to extend our support to Indigenous communities by contributing the gift of life through blood donations across the United States and India. We kindly invite you to consider using your VTO (Virtual Time Off) by making a commitment to donate blood through the Red Cross during the month of October.

For those in India, please visit https://www.indianredcross.org/ircs/donatenow to arrange your blood donation appointment.

Saving lives and it only takes a little bit of time out of your day!

Posted on: September 20, 2023