B’s Blutty 40th

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Ok y’all.. if you know me you know I am never on time for anything. So I turned 40yrs old a few weeks ago (April 17th, it’s still technically my bday month for a few more minutes lol) and well.. obviously in quarantine. I always thought this bday would of been on a beach somewhere with family and friends.. Obviously not feasible. But it turned out to be one of the best bdays ever! All of my family and friends are healthy and safe during this crazy time. Everyone said “man, wish we could do something.” Well, I (can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner as this is my job. Right in front of my face the whole time lol) figured out what that “something” is! I am organizing a virtual Sleeves Up Blood donation “party!” I am looking to get 40 blood donations from now through August. Donating blood is near and dear to me. Remember, each pint you donate can impact up to 3 peoples lives! And if you or a loved one has not received a blood product yet, chances are they will at some point. So I am asking to download the Blood Donor app, make a donation, or even just tell a friend about the importance of giving blood. Or even just share the Blood donation virtual party, I promise it will be LIT! 🤣 Love you all! Cheers 💪🏼💉❤️ #BsBlutty40th

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