Breck Denny

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We are heartbroken that Breck Denny, 34, died suddenly January 17, from a spontaneous splenic artery aneurysm. He underwent multiple emergent interventions including 2 surgeries, over 70 units of blood and 2 long rounds of CPR at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. All hands were on deck and MANY prayers were received. The doctors and the Denny family took extraordinary measures to try to keep him alive, and he lived many hours more than expected, which meant that his fiancee Emily Levitan could be with him at his bedside.

The additional blood he received from donors played an important role in keeping him alive, and we discovered in the process of Breck receiving all the units of blood available at the hospital that there is an enormous blood shortage nationwide. Donating blood is greatly needed and something Breck would have appreciated, as he also gave many rounds of blood and platelets over his lifetime.

Kindly consider donating blood in his honor.

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