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2 /25

Many of you know Brand’s story: In June of 2020 we learned she had Ewing’s sarcoma (a rare and aggressive bone cancer). Her treatments started immediately on July 3, 2020, removal of the tumor September 30, 2020, and she rang the bell February 16, 2021. She is now cancer free. During the course of her treatments Brandi received NINE blood transfusions. Those transfusions helped save Brandi’s life. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HUMAN BLOOD. There is only one way to get blood and that is from donors like you. Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood. Blood supplies across the country are critically low. Brandi wants to make a difference by ensuring that patients in need get life saving blood.

Please make an appointment at your closest Red Cross location on a date, time convenient for you and use Sponsor Code TEAMBRANDI so we can keep track of donors from Brandi’s campaign.

We thank you in advance for your donation.

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