Boomi Gives Blood

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Boomi is committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work, as part of our Core Values of Going Beyond and Playing for Each Other. In an effort to provide our team members continuous opportunities to serve and support our Core Values, the Wellness ERG is hosting a global SleevesUp campaign through the Red Cross as a key activity Q3FY23. We aim to raise 100 units of blood through this campaign. #BoomiGivesBlood

Blood banks across the world are facing a concerning drop in blood and platelet donations this summer. The Red Cross urges donors to make an appointment to give in August to help prevent a blood shortage. They especially need Type O negative blood donors and platelet donors.

The decline in donations has caused the Red Cross blood supply to shrink nearly 20% in recent weeks, and the availability of blood products will continue to decline if donations do not increase. People should not wait until they hear there is a blood shortage to give.

Let’s #GoBoomiIt and help save lives.