Bloody Mainiacs pulling together to help Andrea fight MDS

She may be stubborn as a mule but she's much cuter than one.
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If you know Andrea you know why this is important to me, and you, and them, and everyone. My mom is incredible, she’s a saint and she’s a fighter. She will never ask for help that’s why us bloody mainiacs need to thrust it upon her! Not only that, but we have to make sure she’s well enough to deal with my dad, otherwise, one of us is going to have to and NOBODY wants that. Please donate, consider donating plasma or platelets, these are harder to get and if you donate them, they can give your blood back to you and take more of just what they need. My mom needs plasma most often, and if they can get it from a single donor instead of mixing it together from lots of smaller donations, it’s safer for people like mom. The average campaign manages about 75 donations, I put down 1954 for obvious reasons, and I really hope we hit the goal. C’mon you bloody mainiacs!!!! Give the vampire what she needs!

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