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In late August our father was scheduled for emergency heart surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery required a lot of blood which the hospital did not have on hand. The hospitals in Mexico leave it up to the patient and their families to obtain the blood needed. Family and friends in Mexico were scrambling to obtain the blood needed for our father where they could. My family is very grateful to my family in Mexico for what they did in their time of need. Especially during Covid and blood shortages in Mexico. Buying blood and exchanging blood from donors.
Our mother was able to be by our father’s side before his surgery. She wanted to give blood and do her part to help her husband. But our father did not want to compromise our mother’s health in fear that something could happen to her. Our father to the end was protecting any harm from our mother despite his need for blood.
On August 28th in the early morning, our father passed during surgery. Our father was a god-fearing man, a good husband, a good father, a good friend. I truly believe the lack of blood was one of the reasons why he did not come out of the surgery alive.

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