Blood Drive for Mona ❤️

289 /1000

Mona died on November 20. She received a liver transplant earlier that day, but soon after, she experienced lung and bleeding complications that she couldn’t overcome.

When Mona was four days old, she was taken to the hospital and remained in intensive care while battling liver failure. Facing life-threatening condition after life-threatening condition, she continued to fight and endured so much in the process. Many of us didn’t get the chance to hold Mona or hear her giggle or cry. But in her big little life, she showed us the person that she was: unflappable and tough like her mother, gentle and even keeled like her father.

To honor Mona’s legacy, we’re asking those who can to donate blood, platelets and/or plasma to their local blood bank. In the last four weeks, we’ve appreciated how critical these donations are. On countless occasions, blood transfusions extended Mona’s life, and we hope these donations can help us begin to honor her memory.