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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #Blesssomebodyelse

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Kurt Carr
Someone asked: "When you putting new music out Kurt Carr?" I replied: "I still have a great new album out called '…… at 18.8.2022 20:45
Kurt Carr
A neighborhood kids' lemonade stand in Peoria, Illinois raised more than $3,500 for @StJude Children's Research Hos…… at 17.8.2022 15:41
RT @TheKurtCarr: It’s a great day to add the #BlessSomebodyElse album to your music collection! Thank you for the support for the first tw… at 16.8.2022 21:10
Kurt Carr
I am so grateful that nearly 1 Million of you have watched, shared or been encouraged by the "Bless Somebody Else"…… at 16.8.2022 20:11
Sonia D Harris
A2) Someone who wants to have a #generous mindset regularly wants to #BlessSomebodyElse! (Thanks for that, @TheKurtCarr!) #MTtalk at 12.8.2022 17:11