Berb Day Blood Drive

Laura (Berbusse) Chynoweth on Berb Day
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Having a positive impact on my community is important to me, and giving blood several times a year has been a method of choice since I turned 17.

After a blood donation earlier this year, I was notified by the American Red Cross and the American Rare Blood Donor Program (ARDP) that I have a rare blood type. (These organizations define “rare” as a blood type present in fewer than 1/1,000 people.) This does not negatively affect my health in any way. One crucial note, though, is that people with rare blood must depend on each other to make sure there’s an abundant supply of rare blood available when needed.

Giving blood is more meaningful to me now than ever before, and I invite you to join me in the Berb Day Blood Drive, starting on my birthday (aka Berb Day). For the next 12 weeks, I challenge two friends and/or family members per week to donate blood. (You can donate blood every 56 days if you continue to meet the eligibility guidelines for donation, so you can actually donate twice during the drive!) Click the “pledge to give blood” button, and American Red Cross will find the next available donation appointments available in your area.

My day job is to connect philanthropic people and organizations to charitable causes. Now, I’m turning to my own amazing people to ask that they give not money but their time (okay, and their blood). ‘Tis the season of New Years’ resolutions, and my hope is that the Berb Day Blood Drive will provide an opportunity for you to give back to your community, get over your fear of needles, or maybe even find out that we are rare blood buddies.