Be the Force – Save a life!

Welcome to our virtual drive!
17 /50

We are a dedicated team of five grad students from Bentley University who have come together for a noble cause. As part of our team project, we have taken the initiative to organize a blood donation drive in collaboration with the American Red Cross.

With a shared passion for making a positive impact in our community, we have set out to gather individuals who are willing to contribute to this life-saving cause. Our primary objective is to create awareness about the importance of blood donation and encourage as many people as possible to participate in donating blood this month.

Through our campaign, “Be the force – Save a life!”, we aim to mobilize individuals to contribute to this life-saving cause. By organizing a virtual blood drive, we hope to meet the continuous demand for blood and support those in need.

Join us in this inspiring endeavor as we work together to save lives, one donation at a time. Together, we can make a lasting impact and demonstrate the true spirit of unity and compassion.

Thank you for your support!