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A well thought change has anticipated consequences which are easy to cater. - Old Sc…… at 15.8.2022 19:55
VUMC Office of Health Equity
RT @Drvic_thomas: Super 🙏🏾 to be part of this wonderful group of Awardees! They are change makers who promote HOPE & EQUITY for a better to… at 15.8.2022 19:46
Prep Redzone Alabama
RT @SvhsVolleyball: The season is here‼️ Come out and experience the change. #wearemountienation #bethechange at 15.8.2022 19:43
Cosmetic Surgery Advisors (CSA)
No to discrimination and yes to unity! Let us build a better community that cheers encouragement and anything that…… at 15.8.2022 19:41
Brenda Chacon-Robles, Ed.D.
RT @DVHSYISD: We’ve got a Celebration going on today! Del Valle High School was named a TEA “A” Rated Campus earning ALL Seven Distinctions… at 15.8.2022 19:41
Keep Crisp Beautiful
HUGE THANK YOU to EJB Family and Youth Outreach Services, Inc. for cleaning up this past Saturday at Sunset Homes!…… at 15.8.2022 19:40
Lauren Edwards
Great to spend my day working from Ty Llidiard today. Good conversations with @1lloydgriffiths & @AnaLlewellyn. Enj…… at 15.8.2022 19:37
RT @bekindcanada: Whatever you do, do it with love in your heart 💛💙KC #KindCanadGenereux #BeKind #BuildKindCommunities #BeKindAlways #Crea… at 15.8.2022 19:35
Think Greener LLC
The IRA puts US on a pathway to reduce GHG pollution 40% by 2030! #IRA #inflationreductionact… at 15.8.2022 19:30
E to the Nth...
RT @Susanjmccann: Don't wait around for... quote #Leaders #bethechange at 15.8.2022 19:28
When you join MCAH, you get as much as you give! Learn how:…… at 15.8.2022 19:25
natalie garrettbrown
RT @UEL_News: What does UEL have to offer you? 🙋 Hear below from Urban Practice Dance student Lindeka on how UEL has helped her unlock he… at 15.8.2022 19:23