Be a life saver – Give blood today!

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I recently learned that there’s a critical blood shortage. It has reached a point where elective surgeries may be delayed/canceled. I’m asking Everyone who is able to do so to get out there & donate. PLEASE.

I attempted to set up an in-person-blood drive at First Church in Marlborough but learned that the Red Cross doesn’t offer event hosting in my zip code. Well, after all of the interest & positive feedback I received from the Facebook post I created in ‘Massachusetts Female Friends over 50’ I knew I had to do something. Thankfully, the option of a virtual blood drive was an option. Perhaps this is for the best, as it will make the process more convenient for people.

If you’re able, please get out there & donate ASAP. Please share the link with friends & Family so they can participate as well. I set a conservative goal for 150 people by 9/1. We can do this!!!

Thank you so much for your support/participation,
Kim Whitten

Views, but no pledges

Posted on: June 28, 2023

Good morning Everyone. I can see that my drive has gotten over 100 views but no pledges. I never created a virtual blood drive before so if you have plans to donate please pledge. I just want to make sure that I didn’t do something wrong when setting this up. Thank you. 🙂