Ashley’s 30th Birthday Virtual Blood Drive

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As I am entering into my 30th year on January 19th I wanted to do something special to celebrate! While originally, I had some more funky and “dancey” plans, I think this years’ events have inspired me to find an even more special way to celebrate.

Lets save 30 lives together!

By getting a minimum of 10 people to donate blood! You can save up to 3 lives with ONE donation so 10 donors equals 30 lives saved!
Pledge to donate here and then schedule to donate through American Red Cross, Community Blood Center, or your preferred donation center!
My minimum goal is 10 donors but it would be AMAZING to have 30 donors!

I have participated in various blood donations throughout the years but my reason for donating became more personal this past year. During my mothers battle with cancer her life was prolonged due to several blood and platelet transfusions.
Her journey opened my eyes to just out critical the need is for these things and I feel donating is a great way to honor her memory by helping others in this way.

Let us know!
Pledge to donate here AND check in on social media on your donation day/ post a picture and use #30livesfor30years
This hashtag was created by others who have created similar campaigns and I’d love to add to it 🙂

Are you a frequent donor who is ineligible to donate during the campaign timeframe?
No worries! Thank you for donating! If you would be so kind, at your next donation, share that you’re donating in honor of mom? Or who you donate in honor of–sharing the stories and encouraging other donations helps everyone!

Happy Donating! <3

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use ##30livesfor30years

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