Argo Days of Giving Back Blood Donation Drive

Argo Days of Giving Back Blood Donation Pledges and Donations
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Greetings Argo Employees!

Did you know that only 37% of the Population is eligible to donate blood and of that 37% only 5% do? And that One donation can benefit up to 3 lives and 38,000 Blood donations are needed every single day? Please consider taking 30 minutes of your day (10-12 total for actual donation) to give blood and help those in your community needing surgeries, involved in traumas, or who need blood products to survive.

If you are of the 63% who cannot donate blood or are unable to pledge to give, please consider donating financially at the website below and selecting Blood Services.
(If you donate financially and would like share your donation to be counted towards Argo’s impact reporting, please notify [email protected] of your donation)

Thank you!
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