Annelise’s 5th Birthday Blood Drive Extravaganza

10 /30

Happy 5th Birthday Annelise Faith! This has been the year of the transfusion. Since her last birthday, Annelise has received 15 blood transfusions to keep her hemoglobin from falling to dangerous levels. While her GI team works with her hematologists to keep her in the best health possible, we have relied on other people to donate their blood so that Annelise can bounce back to living her best life. Every time we connect her to that life saving little bag of blood, I’m so thankful for the people who took the time and made the sacrifice. I wish there was a way to give and receive blood without a skillfully placed needle… but there just isn’t! And that makes it an even greater gift.
I’d love to see friends and family give back with us in celebration of Annelise’s 5th birthday! Because she has needed to receive so many transfusions to allow her to keep growing and being one of our greatest joys in life, we would love to know that in her honor, our friends and family that are able, might sign up to donate so that their blood can go to other people out there who need it just like our Annelise!
That little bag of donated blood travels all around, getting tested, stored, and then checked in the lab again to make sure it is really the good match for their patient. Two nurses check together to make sure the patient receives the exact blood type and amount they need, and check on the patient multiple times throughout the transfusion to monitor for any complications. The specialists wait to see what improvements are made for the patient after receiving donated blood… it is no little thing, so much goes into every transfusion, it’s a big deal! I know not everyone is able to donate for reasons that vary from medical to scheduling reasons, and all are valid! We are inviting those who can, to donate and tell us about it when you do! #high5BloodDrive
The campaign goal is set at 30, because that would be double the blood that Annelise has received since her last birthday 🙂 … but feel free to share and get even more people to donate too!