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Blessed family of Jason and Amy Downing.
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On November 29th Amy Downing, the wife of Jason Downing, had a life-threatening medical emergency while at home. She was rushed to KRMC and into the operating room where she underwent surgery. In surgery Amy was in a critical state and required a significant amount of blood and blood products. Miraculously she survived and is on the lengthy road to recovery. So many individuals have reached out to see how they can help, and the offers are greatly appreciated. While the gift to Amy of lifesaving blood and blood products can never be repaid, The Downing family would like you to consider donating blood in Amy’s honor. There will be a blood drive at KRMC on December 23rd from 12-6 PM. When these time slots are filled individuals may register for the next blood drive January 7th, 9AM-3PM, at the Cornerstone Berean Church . If you are unable to make either of the donation dates you can use the link to locate a donation site throughout the Red Cross Network and give your donation in Amy’s honor.
Please consider donating and help to give the gift of life to someone else in need.
Thank you,
Jason Downing

Co-workers, friends and family of the Downing’s are encouraged to sign up and donate at the December 23rd blood drive. Currently the only time slots left that day are for Power Red donors, which requires a donor to give 2 units.

To sign up at a location near you or future donation locations, go to: Enter a specific zip code to find a donation site near you. You must sign up on line for a donation time slot. After you sign up, go to: to let us know you have a time slot scheduled and will be donating in Amy’s honor.

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