Adstra – Every Drop Counts

Adstra - Every Drop Counts
12 /25

Welcome Adstra friends and family!

The American Red Cross is facing the worst blood shortage in over a decade and Adstra is taking action by Rolling Up It’s Sleeves. In keeping with Adstra’s values of Pride, Service and Passion, we are launching our EVERY DROP COUNTS Blood Drive in a four-part effort to maximize our impact in our communities:

♥ Blood donations:  A single pint can provide red cells, platelets, and/or plasma, meaning a single donation can be used to save up to three lives. Do something amazing today – become a blood donor, be someone’s hero!

♥ Monetary donations: Every drop and penny counts! We understand there are some who may not qualify or prefer not to give blood.  No judging here. Make an impact via Adstra’s ARC Fundraiser. Donate and track our progress by visiting

♥ Volunteer your Time and Talent at a local ARC blood drive. Copy and paste this link to be directed to volunteering opportunities.

♥ Share on social media or hashtag your story using #adstraedc. Help us to get the word out and have a greater reach to potential donors.

To sign up for blood donations
Make & keep an appointment through the American Red Cross. Click the “Pledge” button on the right and enter your zip code to find blood donor opportunities near you.

Thank you for joining our efforts to make a difference in people’s lives!