ACC Virtual Blood Drive Spring 2022

Help Angel City Chorale save lives by donating blood to the American Red Cross
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Angel City Chorale received great support from fans, family and friends during the pandemic, while finding new ways of sustaining and nourishing ourselves and our community,.
We’ve renewed our community outreach efforts, finding new ways to reach our local communities with a concert at Cal Vet Soldier’s Home in West LA. The choir sponsored food drives during rehearsals, delivering food to organizations serving at-risk populations.
Many of us in choir know someone who received blood and other support from the American Red Cross. It is personal for us, as some members of Angel City Chorale and their family members needed blood transfusions that saved lives and made much needed surgeries possible.
Join us, and help ACC save lives.

Just 3 Steps to join our campaign:
1. Click on Pledge To Give Blood on this page,
2. Go to to locate a blood drive convenient to your work or home and
3. Schedule your appointment.