A Little Prick Can Save A Life

Save a life, save the world.
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After many years (38 actually) of avoiding donating blood, I made my first donation on 25 January 1993 when I became responsible for running the blood drives at Ciba-Geigy’s headquarters in Ardsley, NY. This past January 5th I made my 100th donation (12 via the NY Blood Center and 88 via the Red Cross). I can honestly say that donating blood is the easiest and, potentially, most impactful thing that an individual can do. My 100 pints is equivalent to 12 1/2 gallons (picture 12 gallon milk containers with an extra half-gallon thrown in). The Red Cross reports that each pint of blood can help up to three people, thus the potential to have helped three hundred of my fellow travelers on this journey.

Please join me. The need is ALWAYS there, no matter what your blood type. Thank you for your consideration.