6th Annual Tom Trzcinski Memorial Blood Drive

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Trzcinski
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Assistant Prosecutor and Well-Known “trial dog” Thomas Trzcinski passed away over six years ago. For those of us that had the privilege to know and work with him, his legacy lives on. Tom was the champion of doing things all the way. For all of us who worked for him or with him, we’ve all had our moments when we thought he was just asking too much. (After Tom admitted over 300 exhibits prosecuting the man who murdered police officer Brian Huff, the court reporters refused to share their exhibit stickers with us and asked us to start bringing our own.) However, Tom’s relentlessness showed in his results. Police Officers who complained about having to sort out every last loose end celebrated when the verdicts came in. He was the only APA in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office who could get the Michigan State Police lab to test every single piece of his DNA evidence. Tom is still the voice in the back of our heads saying “what else can you do?”

One of Tom’s other passions was donating blood. He gave over 100 units in his lifetime and organized many drives with his wonderful wife, Barb. To honor Tom, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office started a blood drive in his honor. Generally, it’s been held in the jury assembly room on the third Friday in September. Unfortunately, this year hosting a blood drive with 75 appointments is not a possibility. Instead, we are hosting a “Sleeves Up” campaign. We are asking everyone to use this link to sign up to donate blood at your local Red Cross Donation center. All the donations will go toward the Memorial for Tom. Over the past five years we have donated over 250 pints of blood. This year, we are hoping to break the 300 mark.

To invoke Tom’s spirit, I would say “Do It Anyway.” Even though we can’t all be together in the jury room this year, Do It Anyway. Even though we don’t get home baked treats, Do It Anyway. Even though we can’t see old friends and meet new ones, Do It Anyway. Even though we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, Do It Anyway. Even though you are already doing hard things, Do It Anyway. Do It because it’s the right thing to do. Do It because other medical conditions don’t stop. Do It as a celebration of the fact that you are physically healthy enough to give blood. Do It because if Tom were still here, he would be out there doing it for all of us.

We have until October 31st to sign up. If we can get even more than our usual 75 appointments, even better! Each year, I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of FMHJ employees both current and alumni. I know this year will be no different. Let’s do this!

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Posted on: September 3, 2020

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