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Platelets explained in 2 minutes
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I started donating platelets about 20 years ago. Wow! That makes me sound really old. I started donating platelets instead of whole blood when I learned how important they are in the treatment of cancer patients and that donors can give platelets way more frequently than whole blood (every 7 days vs. every 65 days). The experience is safe and – dare I say – relaxing (Netflix and chill!). It’s also a way for donors to make an immediate and free impact in their communities.

This summer, due to a critical shortage, the Red Cross loosened restrictions on donations by gay men and those who have traveled or lived in the UK. So, even more people can donate now!

My goal this year is to influence at least 45 donations of platelets or whole blood, so please join my birthday campaign and sign up to donate! #Erins45for45

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #Erins45for45

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