41 for 41

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I decided to try a little something different for my birthday this year and see if can organize 41 friends and family members to locate their local blood bank and become blood and/or platelet donors in honor of the big 41. I first donated blood in high school and have sporadically throughout my life. There is a national blood shortage so your donation will ensure that there is a supply in place for those who need it in order to save their life. This act of service from others has saved the lives of close family and friends and want to be able to pay it forward. There are many blood donation centers nationally and the American Red Cross App is easy to navigate and book appointments.

If you have any questions or need a buddy to go with you, please reach out and happy to join you and grab a coffee afterwards! The process takes about 30 minutes for blood and there is a center on College Ave in Oakland & Market St. in San Francisco.