2023 MLK Day of Service Virtual Blood Drive

10 /100

On MLK Day of Service, US Foods foods kicked off our efforts to support the¬†American Red Cross by encouraging associates to pledge to give blood in 2023 to help aid the approximately 100,000 Americans battling sickle cell disease (SCD). Now, as we recognize and celebrate Black History Month, we’re once again shining a light on this important cause and inviting YOU to help us make a difference. SCD, which causes damage to red blood cells, is the most common genetic disease in the U.S. and predominantly impacts the Black and African American community. Frequent blood transfusions help prevent or reduce symptoms of SCD, so the Red Cross is counting on individuals and organizations like ours across the country to help combat frequent blood shortages and close the gap for those in need.

Pledge to donate blood today, then once you’ve fulfilled your pledge, record your donation in our 2023 Blood Drive Pledge Fulfillment Form at any time. The form can be accessed on our Black History Month page on the intranet.

As always, thank you for joining us in Helping Communities Make It!