Topgolf for Abby

Topgolf Family joins Abby's Army
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In October 2017 our family received the hardest news imaginable, my seven year old niece Abby (sister’s middle daughter) was diagnosed with cancer. After 8 months of treatment and surgery by the amazing doctors at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Abby was officially in remission in May 2018. With it all behind us and looking towards the future of health and back to being a regular kid we received the news for the second time in January 2019 that her cancer had come back as Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in her bone marrow. Abby is back in her fight now going through another round of chemotherapy and treatment to beat it for the second time. Our family and the great community she lives in has rallied together to create Abby’s Army with the tagline of Treat it, Beat it. I am now asking my Topgolf family to join Abby’s Army and help us beat this terrible disease.

Abby, and many kids like her, need constant blood transfusions to rebound from chemotherapy and have healthy enough blood cells to continue their fight and remain healthy from other infection. Donating blood helps saves lives, and specifically lives like Abby’s.

Let’s rally together on behalf of Abby’s Army and help save lives!

Thank you for supporting this very meaningful cause.


What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use ##treatitbeatit