The Right Type To Save A Life

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As a participant in the Miss America Organization, we are required to have a social impact initiative, otherwise known as a personal platform. My social impact initiative is “The Right Type to Save a Life: Encouraging Lifelong Blood Donors.” My platform is not only inspired by my love for giving blood and serving others but also comes from my interest in pursuing a career in the medical field, as well as the fact that it directly impacts the national Miss America platform, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every two seconds, a blood donation is needed to treat accident victims, cancer patients, surgery patients, and many other receiving health care. Because blood cannot be manufactured, donations are essential to save the lives of those who need blood during their medical care. Due to a lack of donors, our nation’s blood supply is critically low, and hundreds of lives are at risk. As an avid blood donor myself, I am driven to expand public awareness of blood donation in order to increase the amount of donors in Minnesota. Join me and sign my campaign to donate blood, and share your experience with the hashtag, #TheRightType, as every blood type is The Right Type to Save a Life.

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