Saving Lives During CoronApocalypse

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While CoronApocalypse has definitely delivered more Toilet Paper Memes than we ever could have imagined, it is also leading to a dangerous shortage in the nation’s blood supply.

There have already been an alarming number of blood drive cancellations– 152 in the Southern California region alone as of last Friday. This is a 30% decline in drives, or put a different way, over 5,300 blood units that won’t be available to hospitals and patients in need! And as the number of COVID-19 cases grows, fewer people will be eligible to donate, which will make it extremely difficult for our inventory to recover and brings us closer to a national blood emergency.

The Red Cross is doing everything it can to prevent shortages by adding staff and resources to ensure collection of blood products, but we need your help!

If you or someone you know is a blood or platelet donor, please schedule a donation appointment now. 

To Schedule an appointment:

Visit or download the American Red Cross Blood Donor App

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