Patty’s Birthday Blood Bash

Lanie encourages blood donations
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To meet Patty Kruszewski face to face, you immediately learn two things: first, call her Patty K. — and secondly, it’s with an open heart that she shares fond memories of her late daughter Lanie Kruszewski.

Together, the two would donate lifesaving blood and encourage their friends and family to do the same. In fact, Patty K. celebrates her birthday each year with a special event blood drive that encourages the community to get involved with a lifesaving mission.

This year, it comes as no surprise that as Patty K. prepares to embrace 65 — she’s celebrating with a blood bash and with Lanie in mind. Lanie was an avid athlete excelling at field hockey, soccer, and basketball. Prior to her untimely death, Lanie shared the lesson her mother taught her years ago: donating lifesaving blood can help others. Lanie once described donating blood by saying: “It’s not stressful in anyway, it’s a relaxing experience.”

You’re invited to give blood at one of the following blood donation centers during the week of July 29th through August 4th:  Emerywood, Arboretum, or Innsbrook. No specific reason necessary, whether donating blood to celebrate Patty K’s birthday or in memory of her beloved daughter, Lanie – you too can roll up your sleeve to help patients on the receiving end of donated blood.

What your donors are up to...

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