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In January 2019, I made a personal commitment to donate blood once a month for this year. It wasn’t important to me which type of donation, I just let the Red Cross choose which donation was the best for me to maximize the donation.

The year started great by making a couple of donations of platelets. Then life got in the way. I started having my own medical issues and through the advice of my medical team advised that I should not give blood right now. Long story made short, I have had to have a couple of surgeries and then will have to complete radiation and chemotherapy.

How I’m asking for help:

This became something that I was happy to do and seemed so minor to my own impact. The truth is it is very impactful to help someone at the moment they need help but aren’t aware of when or if they are going to even need the help. Giving Blood is my favorite way to help people that I can impact.

Since I won’t be able to complete my own personal goals I would LOVE for everyone to sees this to go once and fill my seat.

Thank You

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