Donate blood and save a life

After the storm: donating blood can save lives and help people make it to the end of the corona virus storm.
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Hello I am Edgar Anaya-Campos and I was cured from leukemia in 2011. Leukemia is a blood cancer that alters the cells in a person’s blood or bone marrow. The symptoms I experienced were: loss of appetite, severe fatigue and later on red spots on my skin and painful headaches. During treatment, I sometimes had to have blood or platelet transfusions. After my recovery, I decided to donate my own blood to help those that need it as I now knew of the importance of donating blood. Sadly, I discovered that my blood was not adequate for donation because of my past leukemia illness. Even though I am completely cured of my leukemia. Since I am not able to help those that need blood I urge you during these hard times to help me save those that I cannot help by donating blood to patients that have the corona virus or other illnesses. Blood saved my life thanks to other people who donated their blood and I am forever grateful to them. Please, donate blood during the corona virus crisis. After you have donated, you can post a picture or story on donating with the #bloodsaveslives on twitter or instagram (you can use another social media if you don’t have a twitter account) and spread the word online or through your phone contacts. If you can’t i only ask that you spread the word to everyone you know through social media and your phone contacts. On my blood donation campaign provided by the American Red Cross. Stay positive and remember even in the darkest days… G-d will be with you… always.

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #bloodsaveslives