Blood – What a gift

How happy would you be if you saved up to 3 lives!!!!!
1 /100

Thank you for considering a personal gift of blood to American Red Cross Blood Services. You can provide lifesaving blood and blood products for people in the U.S.—whether they’re for a child with a rare disorder, a parent with life-threatening cancer or a neighbor critically injured in a car accident.

In total, the Red Cross collects about 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply, and through our rigorous testing, we’re able to identify and track emerging blood-borne diseases and viruses—leading research that helps protect the health of people in our country. After testing each donated unit, we’re able to quickly deliver the safest possible blood to thousands of hospitals nationwide.  THE NEED IS CRITICAL RIGHT NOW!

Thank you again for standing with the American Red Cross. Your compassionate commitment empowers us to save lives, each and every day.

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