Santiago Lomeli

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Santiago Lomeli was the oldest of nine siblings. He was my big brother. Always caring, happy, strong, motivated and hopeful amongst many other amazing qualities.  A few years back he was diagnosed with leukemia and little did we know of the journey that awaited him and those who surrounded him. His journey was very much like a roller coaster, some days good, some days bad. Nevertheless, even through the bad days, he always had a smile to give to everyone. Through his journey and battle against leukemia he was in need of blood and platelet transfusions. Many of the good days while in the hospital were in part due to being able to get blood and platelet transfusions, and all of this was possible because of people who donated time, blood, and platelets.  My brother passed away on January 1st, 2018. It is through this campaign that I hope you help me in keeping my brother’s memory alive and help me in paying it forward. Your time, donation, and blood do save lives. Just like it help save my brother’s, even if it was just for one more day.

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