LLBean OFC Virtual Blood Drive

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Did you miss your appointment at your facility blood drive? Were you deferred because of illness or a low iron level on drive day? Do you contribute a specialized blood product such as platelets or plasma that you can’t donate on campus? Worry not, Outsider!  The American Red Cross Sleeves Up Campaign will allow you to contribute as a member of the L.L.Bean Employee Blood Drive family!

L.L.Bean is proud to be a leader in our community for compassion and volunteerism. Between 2010 and 2017, L.L.Bean employees donated 12,238 pints of blood products.  In 10 years alone, our employees have impacted 36,714 lives!

So, how does it work?
If you missed your donation or had to cancel, go to a donation center between January 6th and February 5th.  Give the Red Cross our drive name:  “LLBean OFC Virtual Blood Drive” and have your units counted towards our goal.

Local Donation Sites:
American Red Cross Blood Donation Center
524 Forest Ave.
Portland, ME

American Red Cross Blood Donation Center
60 High Street
Lewiston, ME

-If you are a Power Red donor, remember that you need to wait a minimum of 112 days between donations.  You are more than welcome to donate as a Power Red or you can choose a whole blood donation instead (only 54 days between donations).  Donating Power Reds off site may affect your ability to donate Power Reds on campus.

-L.L.Bean cannot compensate for donation time at an off site facility.  To take part in a paid donation, you can only donate at a drive on your campus.

For further questions, please contact your facility’s blood drive coordinator!

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #OFCforME

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