Kim’s Birthday Sleeves Up!

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Alrighty folks, this year for my birthday month I’m doing a Sleeves Up Campaign with the American Red Cross. I am asking for your support to head out and donate as part of this campaign! Blood products are used in a wide range of circumstances including serious injuires, surgery, blood disorders, and cancer treatments. Blood bank supply levels are typically at their lowest during the early part of the year!

I’m personally motivated (yes…me, the fainter…) to support this campaign with Mark’s recent diagnosis. Over the past month, we’ve all spent time feeling a bit helpless–trying to find anyway to help support his family and ease his struggle. While Mark does not have an immediate need for blood product, I hope that this campaign will help those in need by supporting their recovery and regaining health!

Head to to make an appointment for one of these locations or find a blood drive close to you! Don’t forget to Sign up for Rapid Pass to save time before heading out to donate!

1/30-Union Grove Elementary (2-6pm)
2/3-St. Andrew’s-Grayslake (10am-3pm)
2/14-The Cove-Lake Geneva (12-5pm
2/1-2/28 Dubuque Blood Donation Center (check times)
2/20-Cavalry Methodist-Stockton (12:30-5:30pm)
2/24-Manny’s Pizza (1-6pm)
2/27-Jo-Carroll-Elizabeth (10:30-3:30am)
2/27-Warren HS (9am-2pm)

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #krusecrushescancer2020

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