Information Services Group — 2021 Global Sleeves Up Blood Drive

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Information Services Group Inc., a global technology consulting firm headquartered in Stamford, CT, is endeavoring to inspire ISG employees and their friends to donate TEN TIMES the amount of blood that an ISG Partner’s son recently received from the American Red Cross (9 pints), which helped him recover from a debilitating illness. Like many other blood recipients, our Partner’s son and his family will forever be grateful for the gift of blood that was available in this time of tremendous need. To give back over and above, ISG is asking for at least 120 people to pledge 1 pint of blood in order to be sure to reach or exceed our ultimate goal of 90 pints successfully donated. Our campaign kicks off on World Blood Donor Day (June 14) and will continue for three additional months (through September 30, 2021). Once you have made your promise to donate on this site, please return to this page to access local links to your local blood donor locations to schedule an appointment.
Blood donor locations in U.S.A.: Canada: India: Australia: Germany: France: Italy: U.K.

All of us, coming together, can help ensure patients receive life saving blood. So roll your “Sleeves Up” and help us reach our goal. First enter your name to pledge that you will donate, and then click on the link to your local blood donor organizations to schedule your appointment!

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