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ICISF is celebrating its 30th anniversary of helping to support those people exposed to disasters and crises while providing service to their communities as first responders, educators, healthcare providers, military, spiritual care providers, as well as many other helping professions.

Crisis, Stress, and Human Resilience: ICISF’s 15th World Congress: Finding a Balance: Explore, Embrace, Expand. Scheduled May 19-24, 2019, in Baltimore, MD this theme represents the value of the time and energy invested in the personal and professional lives of those who take care of each other as they help to mitigate the stress and psychological trauma after being exposed to significant critical incidents.

Our model of peer support mental health has been used throughout the US and the world. It is based on providing pre-incident education and training to those who care about, and often put first, their colleagues and communities in times of disaster and crises.

For those who can attend here’s what participants can expect at ICISF’s15th World Congress:

Explore the spectrum of knowledge. Whether beginning your exploration of the field of crisis intervention or already actively involved, a wealth of expertise, current resources, and take-away tools will be available for you to utilize in your own community;

Embrace the caring vibe through engaging discussions on emerging issues and recent developments within the field of crisis intervention. We will offer inspirational and dynamic speakers that share your passion and dedication;

Expand your collaboration and connections by building relationships with others in your profession, practice setting, and/or geographic area. Bring this home to your own community and expand your local reach.

The impact and results of ICISF training on our communities will be presented at confirmed General Sessions including: the Annapolis Capital Gazette shooting, California Fires, Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, and the Rt 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas. Other General Sessions focus on international events including those in Syria, Dublin, Singapore, US Virgin Islands and more.

Later this year, ICISF’s member library will be updated to include a variety of specially chosen presentations that have been audio and/or video recorded during the World Congress.

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